Month: January 2023

Italian Tutors Are Ready For The First Day of Conversation Club!

Our Italian tutors preparing activites for the first day of conversation club!! On 8th February, we are once again, starting our conversation club!!! If you want to start practicing Italian language and don’t miss the first day of conversation club, Send us a message! Whatsapp:    

Enrollments For This Semester Are Open!!

🇮🇹Enrollments are open!!!🇮🇹 🥳Contact our school and start Italian language!!🥳 Text us👇🏻👇🏻 Whatsapp:

Lessons Are Starting on 6th of February 🥳

🇮🇹Italian lessons will start again on the week of 6th February!!🇮🇹 If you want to improve your Italian or start learning it, contact us now!!🤩 Join us👇🏻 Whatsapp:    

Would Like to Get 50% Discount?😏

🇮🇹Are you a group of 6 students in Bologna?🇮🇹 🗣You can enroll to regular Italian course and get the 50% of discount on the conversation club!!🗣 Text us now!!📲 Whatsapp:

Hai mai giocato a Taboo?🤔

📚On conversation club, students played Taboo to practice vocabulary!📝 Hai mai giocato a Taboo?🤔🤔 Have you ever played Taboo?🤔🤔 If you like to develop your Italian vocabulary, come to our language course and start with activities and games🎉 ⬇Text us from Whatsapp⬇