italian school bologna

LISA | Teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Lisa and I am from Rome. I have been teaching Italian in Bologna for ten years. I am a spontaneous and curious person. I really enjoy listening to other people’s opinions and talking about everything. According to me, the most important part when I am preparing lessons is to make it interesting and include different topics so everyone can participate and most importantly have FUN while learning Italian.


Dear Italian lovers, I am Francesca, an enthusiastic teacher with Sicilian blood and a world citizen-heart. When I was twenty I left my island to collect experiences all over Europe, especially in Germany, Austria and France, where I studied and worked in the field of Linguistics, Language and Literature Education and Human Rights. The core of my teaching method lies in the students’ motivation, which is the key of a productive learning process. I love communicating in all possible ways, observing humanity, having breakfast and watching the sunset. Listening to Pino Daniele’s music while eating sfincione (a Sicilian kind of pizza) is what I call home.

NADIA | Teacher

Hi everyone, my name is Nadia and I’m a 23-year-old girl from Tuscany, I’ve been living in Modena these last 5 years though, where I completed my degree in Foreign Languages. During my university years I’ve been an Erasmus student as well, which is why I feel at ease with international environments and students. I’ve always had a passion for teaching italian to other people, that’s why in 2020 I’ve joined the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) to teach the Italian language to erasmus students.

LAURA | Tutor

Hey, I’m Laura! I’m 22 years old and I was born in Bologna; I currently live with my family in a city close to the center. I’ve been studying Biology at UniBo for the past two years and I should graduate in 2023. I love everything Nature has to offer, but mostly plants and trees. I love our conversation moments, they’re always extremely fun and feel like a continuous exchange of knowledge, from which everyone -me included- can learn a lot.


Hi there! My name is Alfonso, I'm 23 and I come from Forlì, a city not far from Bologna. I study History which is in fact one of my main passions, together with cinema and football. I also love to talk about art, literature and current events. I'm very interested in other cultures so I love dealing with foreign students. This is one of my favorite things about the Conversation club!

PAOLO | Tutor

Hi everyone! My name is Paolo, I’m 24 and I was born and raised in a little town close to Bologna. Currently I’m studying foreign languages for my master’s degree. I love traveling, learning new languages and discovering new cultures. Also, I’ve been tutoring students in English this year. For all these reasons, I decided to take part in the Conversation club, to gain more experience in the teaching field and to meet new people coming from all over the world.

SILVIA | Tutor

Hi everyone! I'm Silvia, I'm 21 years old and I have been living in Bologna for two years and I study Arabic at the university. In the past years I have studied English, German and Russian. I love travelling and meeting people from every country in the world. That's why I really appreciate taking part to the Conversation club!


Hi there! My name is Riccardo, i'm 26 and i'm from Bologna! Graduated from the Bachelor of History (L-42) at the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna with honors, currently graduating from the Master's Degree in Historical Sciences (L-84). Since my high school years I have worked as a museum guide at the 'Museo Memoriale della Libertà' in Bologna. Being passionate about art history, humanities in general and journalism, I currently collaborate and write for the independent journalistic head '2 di Picche' in Milan and for the portal 'Essenzialismi'. Graduated from the F. Arcangeli Artistic High School in Bologna, course in 'Cultural Heritage - Restoration and conservation of heritage with plastic pictorial curvature'. During my high school years I had apprenticeship/internship experiences in Italy. I love travelling and meeting people, and that's why I really appreciate taking part to the Conversation club!