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Don’t Miss Our Conversation Club!!🗣

Do you want to improve your Italian?📚 Vuoi migliorare il tuo Italiano?📚 🇮🇹Would you like to practice your Italian with Italian students? 🇮🇹 Then you should consider our Italian conversation club that we do every week! 🗣 Check our website!🎉 Text us!📱

Would You Like to Improve Your Italian?🤔

🇮🇹This week with level A2.2 we studied pronomi diretti and the beautiful places in Italy🇮🇹 Quante cose conosci dell’Italia?🍕 How much do you know about Italy? 📱If you want to learn more, write to us now and start!📱

New Italian Classes Are Starting Next Week! 🥳

🇮🇹 New classes are starting in 28th of November! 4 weeks of course for level A1!📚 Morning/afternoon/evening classes once or twice per week 1.5h Don’t miss it, contact us and start Italian now!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Come Join Us For Italian Conversation Club!!🎉

🇮🇹 Join us for our Italian language club! 🗣️Once a week activity at the local bar. 🎉Fun games and activities with Italians and other international students! If you are interested, contact us! 🇮🇹