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LISA | Teacher

Hi everybody! My name is Lisa. I come from Roma and I have been teaching Italian in Bologna for three years. I am a curious and spontaneous person. I really enjoy listening to other people's opinion and speaking about everything, this is why I prepare lessons on many different topics. For me the most important thing is to prepare interesting lessons in which everybody can participate, have fun and learn Italian.

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GIULIA | Teacher

Hi! My name is Giulia, I’m 24 years old and I come from a small village near Padova, in the North of Italy. I love reading, cats and playing my ukulele. I am untidy, undecided and spontaneous, that’s why I have hitchhiked for a while through Europe. I have been living in Bologna for almost three years now, where I graduated in Italian as a Second Language, and where I have been teaching Italian for two years. I love getting in touch with foreign people and I think that the most fulfilling thing about teaching your own language and culture is that you are at the same time giving and receiving, learning new things and opening your mind to different points of view on the world.

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SERENA | Teacher

Hi everyone! I’m Serena, I’m 25 years old and I’m from Genoa, in northern of Italy. I have been living in Bologna for 6 years, where I studied and graduated in modern literature. I’ve been teaching italian as second language for 3 years, mainly for erasmus students. I really enjoy spending time in international and intercultural environments, this is why I really love to be a language teacher and I like to involve students in discussions about different topics and games, in order to make the learning as fun and entertained as possible!

MATTIA | Tutor

Hi, my name is Mattia and I’m 29 years old. I was born in Milan, where my family lives, and I came to Bologna three years ago for studying. My passion is my work: I’m an archeologist. Since I was a child I’ve always been interested in history and ancient cultures and for my university studies I decided to follow my passion. I like playing football and parkour and my other real passion is food (on the photo I’m eating meusa’s sandwich, a speciality from Sicily). I’m nice and sociable and I like travelling and getting to know new cultures.

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CHIARA | Tutor

Hi, I'm Chiara. I have been living in Bologna for 4 years as a student. Since last year I decided to partecipate in the weekly conversation with Erasmus students, as I really enjoy to share my culture and my thoughts with people from many different countries. I believe the way we do so, with games and little chats, could be the easiest and most enjoyable way to practice a language. 🙂


Hi guys, I’m Alessandro and I’m 26. I enjoyed the Italian Language Conversation three years ago, when I moved to Bologna to pursue my academic studies in Archaeology and Egyptology. In the Conversation Club I found a dynamic, young and innovative way to let people easily learn our language and approach to the daily life in our country staying together and sharing fantastic experiences. Welcome to my second hometown, See you soon Alessandro

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Hi! My name is Susanna and I was born in 1991. My roots belong to Sicily, but I have lived in Bologna for two years.I got a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, currently specializing in Italian studies and linguistics related to Arts, humanities and cultural heritage at Alma Mater Studiorum. I love music and drama as well as entertainment in all its forms: singing, dancing and acting. I’m keen on travelling and discovering the hidden beauty of the world.

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ALICE | Tutor

Hi, my name’s Alice and I’m 26. I’m from Ancona but I’ve been living in Bologna since 2015, where I graduated in cinema and tv studies and before that I studied western languages and cultures in Urbino. I’m interested in acting, movies, theatre, illustration, I love british and russian literature and I am a live-music addicted!


Hi! I'm Agostino and I come from Sicily. I went to Bologna two years ago to start university. I'm now attending the third year of the faculty of political sciences. My biggest passion is travelling to know different people and cultures, that's why I consider a great occasion the chance of collaborating and exchanging with students from all over the world. In general I'm an open-minded and sociable person with a great will of learning and communicate. Hope to see you soon!


Hi! My name is Claudia, I'm from the South of Italy. Since I was a child, my aim was to "understand people", so I studied cinema and languages but two languages weren't enough for me, so I started look "closely" and now I'm studying Linguistics. I teached italian as second language to migrants in Naples as volunteer. I've been so many times "foreigner", that means that I know how many difficulties people can face to! My free time is for walk, good food, art, friends.

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Hi everybody! My name is Niccolò, I'm 24 years old and I'm form a small town near Milan. I've moved to Bologna three years ago to get a MA in ancient history. My main passion is what I study, I love greek classical culture and ancient Mediterranean cultures in general. My others hobbies are backpacking and camping in wilderness.

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KLEIN | Tutor

Hi there! My name is Klein, a 21 yo guy from Cremona, which is famous for violin makers and the composer Stradivari. I'm very easy going, honest and propositive. I love maths, good music, especially electronic and lo fi, cinema but also riding my bike around the city and the country side. I live in Bologna to study physics, because I'm really curious about the universe and how It works, but I'm curious about other people and other cultures, too: that's why I've joined the conversation club!


Hi, my name is Francesca Meli and I am from Palermo, in Sicily. I have been studying archeology for a lot of years, since I was in Sicily. Now I live in Bologna where I still study archeology for many years. i like this town for its food, its nice People, the oldest University in Italy and motorbikes. It is a wonderful place to live in full of art, music, people from all over the world. i like to read and study. i0m teaching my self to cook all my favorite foods, I enjoy discovering new cuisine. I'm a fan of linguistics and esoterica, too, and when I really don't feel doing anything productive, i become an addicted to TV series.

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ANGELO | Tutor

Hi everyone! I’m Angelo, I’m 23 years old and I come from Salerno, a beautiful city in the South of Italy. I gradueted in Modern Literature and now i’m enjoing my master degree in Linguistics at Alma Mater Studiorum. Currently, I’m doing an internship with my University that consist of Didactics of Italian Language and Culture for Foreigners students. It’s really amazing for me because I love teaching Italian language and literature. In the same time I understand that I love meet peole that have others cultures than me and I love discover a lot of places around the world. I worked two years ago with the publishing house “Santelli Editore” and I published with them a book, intitled “Chess mate: analysis of three madness in the game of kings”.